Other contributions   Year: 2011     2 200 000 SEK from Stena AB

Gothenburg Concert Hall digitized

Gothenburg Concert Hall is the first cultural institution in Sweden to be digitized, thanks to a donation of 2.2 million crowns from Stena AB. In spring 2012 a series of test transmissions will take place and according to the plans live concerts will be transmitted to theatres and cinemas the next season. The digital broadcasts can also be watched on the web.

The goal of the initiative is according to Helena Wessman, president and artistic director of the Symphony Orchestra, to give as many people as possible the chance to get an unforgettable concert experience. Hopefully that can attract more people to visit the Concert Hall. It also provides the opportunity for many more people than those who live in Gothenburg to experience Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, which is one of Europe’s leading symphony orchestras, live.