Application Process

What is the scope of the Stena Foundation?

The Sten A Olsson Foundation for Research and Culture focuses on projects, activities, and businesses based in Gothenburg and the western region of Sweden. The Foundation accepts applications for financial support and grants within the realms of Research and Culture. In addition to this, projects that promote integration and inclusion/participation in society and in cultural contexts qualify for Foundation support. The duration of a grant is generally no longer than three years, but there have been some exceptions where support has been provided for a longer period. Generally speaking, grants are only awarded to legal entities, however not to commercial companies, nor to private individuals.

With regard to the Cultural sphere, the Foundation mainly supports projects that represent new initiatives, that will promote long-term development, or that will produce a significant increase in quality. The intent of the Foundation is to limit support measures to an introductory phase.

The Stena Foundation Culture Scholarships

It is not possible to apply for the Stena Foundation Culture Scholarships. The Foundation has its own review and nomination process where the final candidates are recommended by the Donation Advisory Board and are finalized by the Board of Directors.

Types of support

In addition to projects in the areas of Research and Culture, the Foundation also provides grants for visiting professors.

In addition to this, the Foundation provides:

Not eligible for support

Not all research projects are eligible for support from the Stena Foundation, for example those deemed to be better suited to be supported by governmental funding bodies like the Swedish Research Council. Financial support and grants are generally not awarded for studies at the masters or PhD level, with the exception of the previously specified scholarships. This applies for studies in Sweden and abroad. The Foundation does not award support for study trips, conferences or publication.

Culture grants

Who can apply?

Cultural institutions

Independent cultural professionals and groups

Institutes of learning, educators, and schools

Organisations and societies

Research grants

Who can apply?

Researchers with a PhD who are affiliated with a university in western Sweden


How do I apply?

The first stage when applying for financial support from the Stena Foundation is to submit a pre-proposal consisting of a 1 to 2-page (A4-format) outline that describes your project in brief. The Foundation will request a full application if they find your outline to be of interest.

The outline is to include the following categories:

Additional information for research projects

The Stena Foundation encourages multi-disciplinary research projects. Outlines for research projects should also include the following information: the scientific purpose; the research inquiry; the method and plan; and the impact or significance of the project.

With regard to overhead, the Foundation will only accept rates no greater than 20% which are also to be clearly specified in the application. All applications for research support are to be approved and signed by the CFO of the project, who is generally the department head or the president of the university.

Admission dates and size of grant or donation

The Stena Foundation accepts applications throughout the year. There are no set limits to the amount you can apply for, though the Foundation will assess each individual project to determine a reasonable support level. Previously awarded grants provide an indication of the interests of the Foundation and the amounts involved.


The Foundation accepts applications in Swedish and English.

Submission and contact info

Send questions about details pertaining to our financial support and grants to the email address below.
Send outlines and proposals to