Other contributions   Year: 2014     50 000 000 SEK


The Ågrenska Foundation on Lilla Amundön operates for children, adolescents and adults with particularly rare diagnoses, diseases and disabilities. To be able to meet, handle and develop future increasing demands The Stena Foundation has donated 50 million crowns for construction of a new building, the so-called Stenhuset.  (The Christian name of the founder of Stena AB is Sten Allan).

A new environment will be created at the Ågrenska Institution, which will contribute to improve the quality of life and further develop the care and treatment of the affected individuals and their families.

Relevant professions in the healthcare sector will get better opportunities to cooperate. Certainly will much knowledge and experience of more general character be developed and disseminated outside the institution. Thus other patient groups can benefit from the donation when experience and know- how is spread like ripples on water.

In the “Stenhuset” will be opportunities for an active research that can create a basis for better care and nursing of children and adults with rare diagnoses.