Other contributions   Year: 2014     350 000 SEK

Sea of Memories- Exhibition with Modern Technolog

The basis is the exhibitions where you can explore everything from sea-faring life to tropical coral reefs and Scandinavian sea life. The Maritime Museum and Aquarium of Gothenburg has traditionally worked with maritime excellence and its location close to the sea, but now it is transformed to an environment that combines heritage and innovative solutions. This year, the museum will really get a fair wind, with modern technology and infrared lamps, the floor begins rocking in the waves.

The goal is to take the experience of the exhibition “Sea of Memories” to a whole new level, with the creation of new memories and new experiences. This exciting pilot project is in collaboration with the outreach group, which ensures that a software developed for the original purpose of the world of dance and computer art, now attracts museum visitors into an interactive stimulating experience. The collaboration also includes the engineer and artist Frieder Weiss. Infrared light, cameras and special software creates interactive motion through light which gives the visitor a unique involvement.