Culture scholarships   Year: 2020  


“The desire to experiment is the basic driving force. If you are curious enough, the questions will never end.”

The songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, Daniel Norgren, has, since he started releasing music about 15 years ago, worked outside the established channels. His base in the Västra Götaland countryside is still the environment where he thrives best. Daniel Norgren has definitely found a way to reach his audience. His listener base is loyal, large and growing, here in Sweden, in the rest of Europe and in the USA. His expression has roots in American blues, gospel soul and folk music. At the same time, the music moves in a free room, where something can just as easily take 1 minute as 30.


Singer, songwriter and musician, Daniel Norgren, has gone his own way and reached out with his suggestive music outside the established channels. From his creative vantage point in the Västra Götaland countryside, he has created a unique musical world, rooted in blues, gospel, soul and folk music; at the same time free from constraints and definitions of genre. With ten albums and recurring international tours, Norgren has gradually won growing and dedicated audiences in Sweden, Europe and the USA.


For his musical originality, locally-formed entrepreneurship and soulful musical expression, Daniel Norgren is awarded a scholarship for 2020 from the Sten A Olsson Foundation for Research and Culture.