Contribution policy

The foundation accepts applications for support and financial aid within the research and cultural areas. Applications are to fit within the prioritized support areas.

Please observe that no financial support is awarded for basic education, which includes studies up to and including doctorate degrees from universities. This applies for studies within Sweden as well as abroad. No financial aid is given for research trips or publication fees.

The research area

The foundation’s limited resources will, during the period from 2008 to 2013, first and foremost be awarded to research projects within the following prioritized areas:

a) Projects within “Human well-being in a changing world”, especially projects aiming to use a cross disciplinary research strategy.

b) Projects in the area of entrepreneurship and commercialization of scientific results.

c) Projects aiming to increase the quality of artistic and humanistic research and education, especially financial aid for visiting professors within art and humanistic faculties.

The cultural area

a) Scholarships within the cultural area, the so- called Stena scholarships, are granted to artists who live in Gothenburg and Western Sweden. It is not possible to apply for this scholarship. The candidates are selected by a process in which both the foundation committee and external experts are involved.

b) Funding and contributions to cultural projects in general are in the form of specific grants, never operational grants.